Thai Team Members

Pitcha Sillapasuwan

Southeast Asia Regional Lead and Content Marketing Manager

Last Saturday, Culture Flipper’s Thai team members got together for a friendly lunch. Some of us only met each other in person for the first time, but the conversation flowed easily over delicious food. If you look closely at the table, you will see more than six dishes for six people.

Thai people love sharing, and that extends to food. If you go to a restaurant in Thailand, you will often see people order a variety of dishes, typically with different tasting profiles: spicy, buttery, mild, sour, salty, and textures: crispy, soft, crunchy, and a soup to wash it all down. Thai food is world-famous, and we Thai make sure we get to taste it all this way. We will have our own plates with some rice, and we will scoop a spoonful of different dishes to eat with it as we go.

On the left from front to back is Title Chiratikan (Project Coordinator & Thai Editor), Pitcha (Southeast Asia Regional Lead & Content Marketing Manager), and Gan Wilawan (Thai Editor). On the right side, we have Taew Pitpimon (Talent & Communications Manager), Pink Thanutra (EN<>TH Linguist), and Jane Chanicha (TH Performance Marketing & Retail Media SME).

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